Your Wedding Video

Wedding Videos have increased much in content, quality, and style in recent years – Just as you would carefully choose a Photographer, also consider your Videographer.   Your Wedding is a 'live event' which happens only once. Many important elements are occurring simultaneously, and only a professional will be able to capture and interpret these events to their fullest.


The three most important elements to look for in your Photographer or Videographer

Styletechnique, and the ability to make you smile!

Your Videographer & Photographer will work very closely with you during the day - a good connection is important.  I keep all shoots fun and interesting!


What content will I receive in my wedding video? - It is much more than just the Ceremony!

Wesvideo offers recording of all activities on your wedding day, Grooms to Brides Morning, Ceremony, the Photo Shoot, Cocktails at Reception, Cake Cutting, Speeches, Bouquet Toss, to the final goodbyes.  Included is a funky highlights summary of your day to a song of your choice. 


The product and my experience

I have been involved in wedding production since 2003, beginning in Melbourne, and have recently returned to New Zealand.  I have worked Weddings, in London, United States, Canada, and Cruise Ships in the Caribbean leaving me with a wide range of experience and well equipped to cater and tailor to your requirements.


How long will the video be?

  • Grooms 3-5min

  • Brides 4-8min

  • Ceremony 20-40min

  • Photo Shoot 6-10min

  • Reception 45-120min

  • Highlights 3-5min


  • The Grooms, Brides, Photo Shoot and Highlights Sections will be stylised and edited to music of your choice.

  • The ceremony and reception are filmed in documentary style.