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Dear Wes
Thank you for capturing the true spirit of our wedding day, what you created was perfect. Working with you leading up to the day, Heather and I had full confidence that everything would run smoothly, you were very reassuring and easy to work with.
You have such a great professional manner, you worked great with Jax our photographer, you guys had such a relaxed care free attitude that helped us to enjoy our special day.
It was awesome to see you having so much fun capturing our celebrations, we all just fed off each others enthusiasm and the guests enjoyed this.
After the wedding you were great at keeping us up to date with your progress developing our DVD.
Again thank you so much for your great work, you were a pleasure to work with and we would love to recommend you to anyone wanting a quality videography service.
Mike and Heather


I absolutely love the video!!! It is amazing. Mo has been able to see the highlight video as I was able to put it up on facebook,he loves it and watches it three times a day. He hasn't had a chance to watch the whole video yet so I'm rather excited about being there when he first sees it!

I did a lot of research in regards to what I wanted for the wedding video. I contacted many videographers and looked at examples of their work. It was important to me that I chose a videographer who was professional with a lot of experience. After all at the end of the day all you are left with after you have had your wedding are memories, photos and the video. It was also important for us to video our special day as there were many family and friends that could not make the day. In seeing the video they were able to feel like they were part of it.

Wesley ticked all the boxes. He was very professional in his dealings with me answering all my questions courteously and promptly. I really liked the fact that not only did he have years of experience under his belt but that he had worked overseas which I feel added to his experience.

Unfortunately due to my work commitments I was not able to see Wesley until I got out of the wedding car in my wedding dress but there was no need to worry. Wesley worked with my photographer, they complimented each other which was fantastic as I was worried they might step on each others toes! In fact many times during the day Wesley assisted my photographer in establishing shots for her. He was even kind enough to stay later than the agreed time to make sure he filmed the cake cutting.

I can not recommend Wesley highly enough. So many people who attended our wedding came up to me during the night to say what a fantastic job Wesley had been doing with many engaged friends asking me for his website details. For those of you reading this testimony it really is a no brainier. Email or call Wesley now. You will be thanking yourself I promise!

Thanks again sooo much Wesley. You are a gem!

Emma & Moana




We have only had a chance to watch the entire video once so far but we LOVED it! We were both a little nervous about being filmed on the day and we very anxious when it came time to watch the finished product; but instead of the constant cringing we anticipated, we found it was great to be able to relive the day and see the parts that we had missed or forgotten. We both got a little teary eyed at certain points and had moments of hysterics at some of the guests antics you managed to capture! 


We didn't realise that we would get extra copies of the DVD - this has worked out great as we've been able to wrap up some of the extra copies as Christmas presents for family members! 


We have had heaps of positive comments from the highlights video that we posted on facebook - you did such an amazing job of summing up the day in only 3 minutes. Thanks again for your amazing work and for being such a joy to have around on our wedding day!

Nick & Sharon




Wesley, you have absolutely taken our breath away.  Our wedding video is just so beautiful, you made us laugh and we enjoyed your fun bubbly character.  Mari and I are just speechless - totally in awe of the special memory you have created for us to keep forever, and always remember.

It was an absolute pleasure having you at our wedding, and capturing all the moments and messages we couldn’t possibly remember.  It is all such a blur!  We look forward to seeing you again in the future.  We cannot thank you enough, you are very professional and talented at what you do.  I recommend you to anyone having a wedding - you give a high standard and are very quick at organising everything.  It was truly and honor to have you at our wedding.

Big Thanks,    Mari and Ryan




Hi Wesley,

It was so great to have you at our wedding. You made us feel completely at ease, and we didnt even really notice that we were being filmed.  I would highly recommend you to anyone getting married, you have been a pleasure to deal with. Our wedding day is a bit of a blur now, so it is fantastic that we can sit down and replay the day whenever we want!

Simone Jones




Well what can we say, Wesley could not have done a more amazing job for us. He was with us from the morning until the very end and was so professional in everything he did. When we watched the video for the first time we were blown away with how amazing it was. We love showing it off with pride as it portrays our wedding day perfectly. His filming and editing are superb and he was a pleasure to work with.

We cannot recommend Wesley enough and you can be sure to trust him to capture your special moments for your big day. Thank you Wesley again,